Will Cancelers Come After Carrie Underwood For Liking Post Supporting Aaron Rodgers?

On Tuesday's OutKick the Show, Clay Travis gave a shoutout to retired hockey player Mike Fisher for facing the heat of the media in his support for Aaron Rodger's stance, via Instagram, against vaccine mandates.

Fisher previously posted a caption that read, I stand with Aaron Rodgers. He added in the caption that he believes Americans have a "freedom to choose" and "freedom of conscience" when it comes to COVID vaccines.

"Props to him for being willing to step out and take on all of these insane blue checkmark losers who are convinced that COVID is going to actually kill them," Clay said.

Fisher is also married to country music star Carrie Underwood, who appears to also be in full support of her husband's anti-PC stance and Aaron Rodgers' freedom of choice after liking the polemic post.

Begging the question: will Underwood get canceled for liking the pro-Rodgers post?

Per OutKick's Anthony Farris, Underwood was previously in the sights of the cancel mob when she liked an anti-mask tweet put out by conservative pundit Matt Walsh from The Daily Wire.

On Tuesday, Clay delved into the significance of more rational Americans, and celebrities, voicing their support for salient data and calling for an end to mandates affecting adults and children alike.

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