VOTE NOW: Elite 8 Breakdown of Woke Sports Media All-Stars

Update: (3-28) Voting is now live for the Nonbinary Regional Final between Pat Forde and Darren Rovell. The committee heard your concerns on voting and we have added a second form of voting for those of you who won't use Twitter. Votes will be combined and winner/loser will be announced.


Toxic Masculinity Regional Final: 

Dan Wolken (-260) vs. Mark Jones (+220)

Handicapping via: @BeatinTheBookie - "While Jones is still relatively unknown, Wolken is to wokeness as Duke is to college basketball, a powerhouse, he should easily move on to the next round."

Nonbinary Regional Final:

Pat Forde (+165) vs. Karen Rovell (-195)

Handicapping via: @BeatinTheBookie - "Rovell is younger and his enthusiasm shows as he uses his Karen powers multiple times daily, where Forde only comes out in big moments, Rovell's stamina gives him the edge."

#MeToo Regional Final:

Keith Olbermann (-175) vs. Mike Florio (+140)


Handicapping via: @BeatinTheBookie - "Olbermann is the power name in this matchup against the lesser-known, yet ultra-sensitive Florio, and while Florio has some crazy takes, Olbermann is the one who consistently shows to up Twitter with takes that make Alex Jones seem like Albert Einstein."

Gaslight Regional Final:

Jemele Hill (-375) vs. Max Kellerman (+315)

without a bubbleright-wing agitatorsSEC dumb

Handicapping via: @BeatinTheBookie - "Not much of a matchup here as the powerful loudmouth Jemele Hill should shut former rapper Max Kellerman up faster than Stephen A Smith does every morning, and unlike the boxers he covers, Max doesn’t hit back, he takes his beatings like the snowflake he is."

*This post is co-authored by Joe Kinsey and Bobby Burack.

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