Unless you Believe Jay Williams Was Hacked, Buy Our Jaynocchio Shirts

We have all told a lie. But unless yours resulted in a divorce, you were less humiliated than Jay Williams.

Williams claims that the stop-at-nothing hackers logged into his Twitter account last week to inaccurately congratulate Ime Udoka on becoming the Celtics’ first head coach of color. By rough estimates, zero people have claimed to believe Williams.

A lie like that must not go without shame. Therefore, OutKick has released these great new "Jaynocchio" shirts.

To buy one, use this link.

I suggest the following: create a strong password with one upper case letter, a few numbers, a special character, and (most importantly) no personal information. 

If they got Jay Will, they could next get you.

By the way, ESPN will have Jay Williams front and center on its coverage for the NBA Finals. If you plan to go and walk by the set, I hear you look good in bright blue.

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