Troy Aikman Offers His Thoughts On Tom Brady's Fox Deal

Troy Aikman knows plenty about football and broadcasting, two areas in which Tom Brady is closely associated, one more recently than the other.

Just over a week since Fox announced that they, alongside Brady, reached a deal for the Buccaneers QB to serve as a lead analyst upon retirement - whenever that may be - Aikman shared his thoughts on the pending move.

“As far as Tom, it’s not something I thought he’d be doing, but I think he’ll be great,” said Aikman, per the New York Post. “I have a great relationship with Tom, and love when we call his games. I’ve had a chance to get to know him more since he went to Tampa in the NFC."

He then added: "I think he’ll be fantastic and it was an outstanding hire.”

Aikman produced a Hall of Fame career on the field and he's been just as good, or better in the booth. Upon retiring from football, Aikman spent 20 years broadcasting with Fox before joining ESPN earlier this spring.

He seems to envision similar success for Brady once he embarks on his new career. “He’s won at everything he’s done in life and there’s no reason he won’t at this as well. The reason why I think he’s going to be good is he’s gonna work," Aikman said via the New York Post. "The reason he’s played as long as he had, and has won seven Super Bowls, is he doesn’t take any shortcuts. And he’s not going to in broadcasting.”

$300 million worth of broadcasting dollars would agree.


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