Steven Crowder’s Election Coverage Was Massive Success

Steven Crowder’s live event shows on YouTube continue to draw enormous view counts. Crowder’s nearly eight-hour election show from Tuesday has over 8.3 million views.

For comparison, Joe Rogan's recent episodes with Matthew McConaughey and Kanye West sit at 3.9 million and 10 million, respectively.

Crowder’s election night success wasn't just some random blip enhanced by an algorithm. The humorous conservative host is one of the biggest draws on YouTube, with several recent clips that have topped one million views. His election update show, which aired Wednesday, is at 4.6 million views.

Crowder's YouTube channel has nearly five million subscribers.

By the 2024 election, digital news media will be a juggernaut. Live event shows, such as Crowder's, should begin to take away some traditional viewership on marquee nights.

On Tuesday, total election coverage on TV dropped 20% in viewership from 2016. While it's not a direct comparison, as television networks score average viewer per minute and YouTube is total views, here is how the networks rated:

Fox News' 16% increase from 2016 was the sole positive.

Looking ahead, there is a question mark about where conservative media fits online. Several of the most popular conservative pundits — most recently Mark Levin — have been censored by Facebook, Twitter, or Google/YouTube. In some cases, all three.

Crowder has been censored by YouTube as well, despite his successful channel. In August, Crowder's channel was remonetized after spending a year banned from YouTube’s “Partner Program," which allows content creators to run ads on videos.

Spotify could be a destination for non-woke voices, if it would abandon its own attempts at censorship. The platform is currently embroiled in a censorship controversy with popular podcaster Joe Rogan. Random gutless employees tried to censor his podcast recently.

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