New Girlfriend Of Shakira's Soccer Player Ex Catches Heat For Allegedly Dancing In A Bikini To The Colombian Singer's Music

Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique's new girlfriend might have just picked up a red card for excessive taunting of his ex. It's unclear if she is responsible for the violation, but Shakira's fans seem to think she is.

Pique's girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, 23, is being accused of stripping down to a bikini and dancing to one of Shakira's songs. All in an attempt to taunt her on social media. The video first appeared on an Instagram account with more than 56,000 followers before it was deleted.

It's unclear if the account, named clara.chiamartii, was Pique's girlfriend's account or some sort of a fan account. The video features a woman resembling Clara dancing in a bikini to the Colombian singer's song Te Felicito. It has been reposted elsewhere.

Hips don't lie but social media might

Shakira's fans were convinced that the video was an attempt by Clara to get attention. They took to the comment section to defend the 45-year-old singer before the video was deleted.

One fan commented, "There you see what is a provocative and disrespectful."

"And dare you be so bold as to put Shakira's song on it," another one said.

A third comment read, "Awwww how cute someone is trying to get attention I get it. Must be pretty tough living under Shakira's shadow no?"

This is just the latest controversy surrounding Clara. The video comes on the heels of the two being spotted together last week at the Summerfest Cerdanya festival in Catalonia.

This reportedly did not sit well with Shakira. Pique and Shakira were said to have an agreement that they would not go public with anyone else for at least a year after their split.

They broke up just three months ago following an 11-year relationship. There were allegations that she caught him cheating on her prior to the breakup. They have two sons together.

Whether the video is of his new girlfriend or not, Pique seems to be enjoying life without Shakira. That's a crazy sentence.