Netflix Delivers Another Blow to Woke, With New Culture Memo

Netflix continues to fight back against the social justice cultural warriors who are still upset that Dave Chappelle performed comedy on the service last year. And win.

This time, Netflix updated its "Culture memo" to include a section called “Artistic Expression” that states the company will not “censor specific artists or voices” if other employees consider the content “harmful."

“If you’d find it hard to support our content breadth, Netflix may not be the best place for you,” the memo reads.

Internal calls for Netflix to censor and punish Chappelle following his special The Closer included a staged walkout. And according to The Verge, Netflix fired the organizer of the protest, the leader of a trans organization within the company.

Netflix decided that, unlike its streaming competitors, it would no longer allow unreasonable rodents to control its programming. Had Chappelle made similar jokes about the LGBT community on, say, HBO Max, Warner Bros. Discovery would have taken down the special and fired Chappelle before the walkout concluded.

So as true as it is that original content on Netflix is dwindling in quality, the service is providing a cultural shift by simply fighting back.

In a recent column, we discussed the significance of Netflix standing behind Chappelle. In sum,

"The vulnerability of the social justice takeover began to appear last fall when its participants failed to cancel Dave Chappelle for the crime of performing comedy. At the time, it was the most notable failed cancellation effort to date. Chappelle’s survival proved that the progressive vultures are incredibly weak, so long as companies and individuals do not cave into submission.".

Netflix has shown how easily and quickly a company can take back control of its content from the blue-checks and supposedly activist employees. The question is how many other content providers have the same backbone to follow suit? Spotify, with its support of Joe Rogan, appears to be another.

The woke are losing influence. Netflix's backing of Dave Chappelle is proof.

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