Mike Florio Sends 78 Tweets About Aaron Rodgers Since COVID News. Blocks Guy Who Counted.

Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 last week, as many other NFL players have done before him. However, Rodgers made a personal decision to receive homeopathic immunization treatment that raised his antibody levels instead of the COVID-19 vaccination. Naturally, elitist media members could hardly countenance an approach that deviates from their set narrative. So they took offense to it and now want to destroy the guy.

The list of fuming pundits spreads large, but the top two have remained consistent: Howard Stern and Mike Florio. Stern said he was so upset with Rodgers' decision that it ruined his weekend. Stern then called for the NFL to boot Rodgers out of the league forever.

Meanwhile, Mike Florio, via his ProFootballTalk Twitter account, has cried loudly since the news broke that Rodgers had tested positive -- literal tears likely dripped copiously on Florio's keyboard. Just head to @ProFootballTalk. You can't miss all the tweets focused on Rodgers in every scroll.

Noticing this obsession, former NFL executive Gil Brandt counted how many times Florio had tweeted about Rodgers since the doctors diagnosed him with COVID about 12 days ago.

If the over/under had been set at 50, then hopefully, you smashed the over. Brandt found the number had amounted to 78. 78!

Florio responded, "Hey Andy should we just ignore the news? What's your point Andy?"

But before Brandt could respond, he made a frightening discovery: Florio had blocked him.

Always a bummer, especially when simply tweeting two numbers is to blame

Brandt raises an interesting point: why didn't Florio care about Rodgers' health? Florio likely knows Rodgers is in peak health and physical shape and is therefore at low risk of developing severe COVID symptoms. And if that was Florio's assumption, why has he made such a big deal about him not getting the vaccine? What matters here to Florio: Rodgers' health or preserving the reputation of the vaccine?

If Florio and his ilk thought unvaccinated players were in great danger, wouldn't he have at least shown an ounce of concern for Rodgers? What causes all the hysteria, if not health and science? Hmmm.

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