Michigan State Players Charged For Tunnel Beatdown

Seven Michigan State football players have been hit with criminal charges stemming from the tunnel beatdown against Michigan.

Following the win for the Wolverines, two members of the Michigan football team were brutally and savagely beaten in the tunnel coming off the field.

Now, authorities have hit several of Mel Tucker's players with charges.

Khary Crump was charged with felonious assault, Itayvion Brown, Angelo Grose, Justin White, Brandon Wright and Zion Young were all charged with misdemeanor aggravated assault and Jacoby Windmon was charged with misdemeanor assault & battery, according to a release from the authorities. Windmon was also the player who appeared to put his helmet back on before allegedly engaging in the violent beating.

You can read the full release in the tweet below.

As soon as the attack happened, both sides made it clear the police were investigating and the situation was being treated incredibly seriously.

After reviewing all the footage, the prosecutor's office has decided seven players will face charges in court. Most notably, Crump is facing a felony charge. Oftentimes, felony convictions can lead to legit prison time and not just fines or probation.

A total of eight Michigan State players were suspended for their alleged roles in the embarrassing and completely unacceptable event.

Given the fact seven are facing charges, it's unlikely you'll see any of them back in the near future. It wouldn't be surprising if Mel Tucker dismissed most or all of them.

Keep checking back for more information on this developing situation as we have it at OutKick. For now, the seven Michigan State players will wait for their day in court.