Michael Knowles Dunks on Anti-American Flag, Anti-Dog Domonique Foxworth

Last week, Domonique Foxworth — the far-Left ESPN analyst who admitted his job is to "make viewers mad" — said he openly roots for Josh Allen to fail because his fans support the American flag and dogs. That's "concerning," Foxworth claimed.

While ESPN wouldn't comment or defend those who like the American flag and dogs, the Daily Wire's Michael Knowles joined OutKick in covering Foxworth's idiocy.


What an ironic situation. Foxworth made his insane comments on The Right Time with Bomani Jones, a show that did so poorly on the radio -- drawing the worst ratings in ESPN history -- that it had to go podcast-only. Knowles' reaction came on The Michael Knowles Show, a podcast that is so successful that radio affiliates are going to begin airing it across the country

Hmm, maybe Americans prefer listening to those who support the American flag and dogs?

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