Keith Olbermann Proves He's A Sad Man With Latest Twitter Attack

In case you've forgotten, Keith Olbermann's life kinda sucks right now.

Between filming passionate rants on Republicans, thanking his geriatrician for a fifth booster shot or DM'ing companies for an intern's position, Olbermann has managed to do a whole lotta nothing in a very public way.

Over the weekend, the former ESPN anchor — and 2022 OutKick Woke All-Star Challenge Champion — went after conservative writer Bethany Mandel on Twitter.

Mandel responded to a tweet by political pundit Steve Schmidt — Olbermann caught the response and crazily went after Mandel's status as a mother.

Again, not in his hey-days.

Olbermann tweeted, on Mother's Day, "Imagine putting 'homeschool mom' in your bio and not understanding you've just ruined the lives of five innocent children."

Mandel took the time to remind Olbermann that the only thing he shares a last name with him is his Twitter handle.

Here's what Outkick founder Clay Travis had to say:

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