Keith Olbermann Calls For The Burning Of Disney World In Front Of DeSantis

Former media personality Keith Olbermann called for Disney to escort Ron DeSantis to Disney World and to burn the amusement park to the ground while the governor witnesses.

Keith advised Disney to then rebuild the park in the Carolinas or Puerto Rico. He says Disney cannot stand for the expansion of the so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill, a topic Florida lawmaker broached this week.

The outrage comes after some lawmakers called the bill, HB 1223, which would forbid "classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity" from pre-K through eighth grade, and would expand the restriction to apply to private programs and charter schools. 

Protecting children from discussing genitalia with their teachers is where Olbermann draws the line:

Treating Disney World like a URL link that one can simply copy and paste into a new location is peak-Olbermann.

Deranged, but always humorous.

Just move the infrastructure across states and burn the remaining to the ground, you maggots!

Warning to the Woke

Olbermann's latest rant reminds us of a column we published last year. Though perhaps less of a column than a warning.

A warning to the woke.

The sad state of Keith Olbermann proves what wokeism can do to someone. Such a virus ruins you. It turns you into cringing animals who run on the mere fuel of outrage.

While converting to wokeism is tempting to the outside, the long-term ramifications are severe.

Keith Olbermann is living proof of what years of lies, misery, hypocrisy, and baseless indignation do to a human.

Living the way he has takes a toll. It requires such effort to manufacture venomous hate over nothing. 

Too many years of wokeness leads to loneliness. An apartment full of pets. And persistent rehashing of the one time you had a girlfriend.

Did you know Keith once dated Sen. Kyrsten Sinema? He hopes you do.

If you one day find yourself calling for the burning of Disney World over a restriction protecting children, who are not yours, from sexual indoctrination -- consider yourself an impediment to society.

Especially if you find yourself in your 60s screeching loudly on a deck about strangers not getting an experimental booster:

There's no greater endorsement for Ron DeSantis than deranged opposition from the creature above.

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