Kanye West Schedules Visit on Joe Rogan Podcast

You win some, you lose some. Just ask Joe Rogan.

Rogan signed a $100 million deal with Spotify--a clear win--but has to deal with random Spotify staffers threatening to strike because Rogan just isn't woke enough--a possible loss. Now it seems that Kanye West will make an appearance on his show, and all we can do is give this move a question mark.

Saturday, West tweeted that he is scheduled to do the Joe Rogan Experience this Friday. Rogan is even letting him design the set:

Rogan has yet to confirm but has previously expressed interest in bringing West on the show.

If and when they sit down, Twitter media will have to cancel whatever it is that they do on weekends to monitor the conversation.

Rogan triggers cancel culture losers when he interviews random comedians. A conversation with Kanye West is sure to amplify their level of outrage.

This episode has a chance to surpass many of Rogan's most famous shows. His top five episodes on YouTube are:

1. Elon Musk, 37 million.

2. "Alex Jones Returns," 24 million.

3. Dan Bilzerian, 19 million.

4. Elon Musk again, 18 million

5. Ben Shapiro, 16 million.

West is more famous than all of these figures and more unpredictable than four of them.

It's unclear how many past shows will move exclusively to Spotify. If the West episode stays on YouTube long term, it should eventually near the top five.

Topics will likely include religion, politics, life, mental illness, and the Kardashians. Those can fill four hours, no?

By the way, what does West have in mind for the set?

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