Joy Reid: Red States Want Black People Alive to Make Steaks, and Want to Use N-Word

The race for the "most embarrassing person on TV" is heating up. Chris Cuomo continues to make a strong case, Don Lemon never disappoints, but MSNBC's Joy Reid may have just taken the lead.

Reid had quite the Wednesday night. It began when she oddly quote-tweeted a conversation to reveal a long-standing belief of hers, that people on the right are desperately looking to openly use the n-word. So much so, Reid said conservatives would trade money to use it, a lot of money:

A bold statement, "people on the right," all of them, huh?

There are two ways to respond to such a statement: mock her or explain how chilling a remark it is. Nearly every night, Reid spreads these lies to millions of Americans, many of whom believe the hate she spews. Obviously, one can't prove something that doesn't exist, well, doesn't exist, but anyone with a sane mind knows this is a tiresome narrative for which there is no evidence.

For many, a tweet like that, calling half the country evil, would cause them to sign off and re-think their motives — not Joy Reid. She was far from done.

Clearly full of rage, Reid then went on her TV show, Reid Out, I think they call it, to declare that red states like Texas want to re-open so that black people can get back to work, make white people steaks, and maybe die along the way.

Uh, what? Here it is:

Got that? Per Reid, if black people are not endangering themselves to serve white people in red states, the leaders want them to die.

There are intelligent conversations about necropolitics — none are had on MSNBC.

Who knows what Cuomo will say tonight, whether Jemele Hill's Vice show ever gets attention, or whether some sucker will put insane tweeter Keith Olbermann back on TV — so for now, Joy Reid has pulled away as the worst person on TV.

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