Jemele Hill Promoting New CNN Service With Signature Racism

CNN will unveil CNN+, its streaming service, on Tuesday. For just $60 a year, you can get exclusive programming from the likes of Brian Stelter, Rex Chapman, Don Lemon and Chris Wallace.

As a throw-in, CNN+ will give its few hundred subscribers a weekly dose of Jemele Hill, the racist lady who tweets a lot.

Hill has been gearing up for launch day with some tweets over the past few days that definitively introduce CNN viewers to her brand.

These days, Hill is lurking online to find people to intimidate with the power of her 1.4 million followers. What's telling, she is not targeting other media members or people in prominent roles. Rather, she's looking for random accounts, with real photos, to bully. She's punching down.

The following woman has just 200 followers, yet Hill sent the woke to destroy her. And they did:

People like Hill called it bullying when Dave Portnoy would send his followers, called the "Stoolies," after fellow media members. It's unclear what the media calls Hil attacking everyday users with her Twitter power. Maybe nothing?

By the way, how did Hill even find that tweet? As you see, the woman did not seek Hill out. Hill found her. Does Hill just type in "black lives matter" into the search feature and look for uneven battles during her downtime? If so, how pathetic?

Hill then teased CNN viewers with her humor. The following joke had Hill laughing so hard she almost died:

I get that Hill is a racist and all, but does hating white people alter your sense of humor that much?  Even if you are glad that black people are disallowing whites to comment on the biggest story of the day, does that ooze humor?

"Don't talk about an actor slapping a comedian, you are white."

I don't know. I don't get it.

Hill is one of the grossest people in media, trailing only Keith Olbermann and Joy Reid. Currently, Hill is trying to extort money from Spotify, the service that carries her podcast.

“What I would like to see,” Hill said in an interview with the New York Times, “is for to hand $100 million to somebody who is black.”

She’s threatening her own employer that if it doesn’t overpay a black podcaster immediately, she will try to burn the company to the ground with accusations of racism. We discussed this in a recent column. In sum:

Hill’s demand exemplifies the problem with a racially-obsessed worldview. Hill cries racism whenever there is a successful white person who does not have a black counterpart. However, the top individual in any field, whether white or black, almost never has an equivalent. They’re at the top precisely because they don’t have an equal.

Prediction: no one will watch Jemele Hill on CNN+.

CNN viewers are certainly left-leaning and often uninformed. Though there's a difference between that and being a cringing woke like Hill.

Further, Hill's co-host, Cari Champion, is unimpressive. Hill and Champion's upcoming CNN+ program, Speak.Easy is a successor to their former Vice show, Cari & Jemele (Won’t) Stick to Sports.Noteworthy: CNN did not purchase the rights for Hill and Champion away from Vice. Instead, Vice canceled Stick to Sports because no one watched it. The show sucked.

But then again, Jemele Hill is just a small piece of the CNN+ pie. You are really paying for Stelter, Chapman and Lemon. Hill is an extra.

So have you subscribed yet? 

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