Herschel Walker Runs Away With Georgia Republican Senate Primary; Set To Face Off Against Dem Raphael Warnock

Georgia Bulldogs legend Herschel Walker officially won Georgia's Republican Senate Primary on Tuesday.

The 1982 Heisman pick and former NFL running back will take on Democrat Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate race this November.

In his Senate runoff race in January 2021, Raphael Warnock defeated incumbent Kelly Loeffler (51-49) to nab the seat.

Walker has been championed by Republicans for his strong connection to the people of Georgia as an unorthodox, non-politician pick. He also came into the primary with former President Donald Trump's seal of approval.

Walker previously sat down with OutKick founder Clay Travis to discuss his future as the potential GOP pick for the Georgia Senate race.

One point that the two firmly united on was accountability for MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, who took the 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta over the fake "Jim Crow 2.0" voter suppression narrative.

Herschel noted that “they pulled the game and took it to a place that had more strenuous border rights than Georgia, and yet they see that there’s been more people that vote in this election than voted in a long time.”

In early April, Walker was polling ahead of Warnock, according to Emerson data.

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