Everyone Is Equal, Some Are More Equal Than Others: Trevor Noah Rents Condo For $52K A Month

Late-night Comedy Central host Trevor Noah has become a Democratic adherent rather than an actual political satirist, which may explain why no one's laughing anymore.

Though he waxes long about inequality in America, Noah is actually living the high life full of beautiful homes and beautiful women.

A report in the New York Post says that an opulent New York City condo unit, rented out by Noah, costs $52,000 a month. The 70 Vestry property is a swanky 3,242 square-foot residence, sporting "12,000 square feet of amenities, like a lounge, a dining suite and a billiards room with a James Perse pro pool table."

According to the report, Noah is moving to California to share a $27 million mansion in Los Angeles with actress Minka Kelly. A spokeswoman representing Noah stated that the unit is being rented out to family members and that he currently “doesn’t live there," attempting to distance the man of the people from his pricey condo, as critics call out the hypocrisy.

Another drainpipe of Democratic talking points, Trevor Noah's knack for labeling America a systemically oppressive nation for minorities remains tone-deaf and inconsistent with stories of actual triumph in the United States ... which includes the story of an immigrant from Johannesburg, once subject to laws of apartheid, who moved to America to become a multi-millionaire and date hot actresses.

Only in America.

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