ESPN Host Admits ESPN+ Sucks, No One Can Find It

ESPN employees are also disinterested in locating ESPN+ on their smart devices.

Richard Jefferson complained on ESPN that he could not find the broadcast for the EuroBasket 2022 semifinals which featured Luka Doncic on Thursday. Jefferson's colleagues told him the games aired on ESPN+, to which Jefferson said he's not a subscriber.

Good to see an ESPN employee publicly belittle the streaming service that his bosses have made a top corporate priority.

(At least Max Kellerman didn't make this comment. ESPN would have made him apologize, again.)

We can't blame Jefferson for not activating his free ESPN+ account.

Streaming has become an annoyance with such an extensive list of services. Games are now spread out across ESPN+, Peacock, Paramount+, Amazon Prime, Apple+, and a bunch of other random services.

At least with Amazon Prime, you get Thursday Night Football, the new "Lord of the Rings," and have the option to binge "Fleabag." ESPN+, meanwhile, has little to offer. It carries niche sports content and inessential talk programming.

Who would pay $9.99 per month to hear Stephen A. Smith call white people racist when they can hear it for free on linear television?

Does anyone want to pay $99.99 a year to watch Mina Kimes break down more football film?

So, we understand Jefferson's reluctance to activate his ESPN+ account, even for free. In fact, this turned out to be one of the more relatable segments on ESPN of late.

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