ESPN Makes Max Kellerman Apologize for Suggesting Albert Pujols is Cheating

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ESPN host Max Kellerman issued an apology to Albert Pujols for suggesting he’s been cheating this year as he closes in on 700 career home runs.

Kellerman told the bartender he’d have whatever Pujols is using:

For those curious which show that is, it’s called “This Just In.” ESPN created a 2 pm hour around Kellerman after Stephen A. Smith kicked him off “First Take” last summer.

Anyway, the locals in St. Louis didn’t like Kellerman’s comment and got very angry online. Shortly after the segment, Kellerman issued an apology to all parties involved:

“We showed a video of Albert Pujols as he chases 700 home runs. I commented that he seemed to be hitting the ball much better than he has in a long time. Some, including Albert, inferred that my curiosity as to how he was achieving this recent level of success could only mean that he was benefiting from something other than a lot of hard work, practice, and his natural ability. For that, I apologize to Albert and the Cardinals’ organization.”

I’m no fan of Max Kellerman. He’s Chris Hayes but less weird looking. However, ESPN made him apologize but has allowed others to say far worse.

What is the line at ESPN?

Was what Kellerman said any worse than ESPN analyst Domonique Foxworth going on air to say that he openly roots for Bills quarterback Josh Allen to fail because Allen’s fans support the American flag and dogs?

ESPN did not ask Foxworth to apologize, and refused to comment.

Similarly, ESPN was aware that longtime creep Mark Jones shared posts wishing 49ers linebacker Nick Bosa a painful injury because Bosa supported Donald Trump and did nothing about it. ESPN supported Jones’ right to root for a player’s harm.

Or, and this one speaks volumes, Kellermans’ arch nemesis Stephen A. Smith insinuated that pitcher Jake Arrieta could be using performance-enhancing drugs. ESPN did not ask Smith to walk back this comment. It was just his opinion, right?

So, while we don’t mind seeing ESPN management hammer woke Max Kellerman, it’s a bit troubling to see a network continue to treat and discipline employees differently.

A lot of privilege going on at ESPN.

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