ESPN Declines to Comment on Domonique Foxworth's Anti-Dog Comment; Bills Teammates Crush Him

ESPN analyst Domonique Foxworth proudly told Bomani Jones that he roots against Bills' QB Josh Allen because his fans support the American flag and dogs.

OutKick asked ESPN for comment and if Foxworth's statement reflects the company's view of the fans who Foxworth denounced. ESPN declined to comment on both.

Since Foxworth's ignorant comments, Allen's teammates have called the radical ESPN host out.

Allen recently donated $17,000, which turned into $700,000 for local hospitals.

What a terrible guy, huh, Foxworth?

Here's more context on Foxworth's conversation with former TV and radio host Bomani Jones:

Even Rachel Bush has joined in.

ESPN should be ashamed of Foxworth. But it is not. And that's telling.

By the way, keep loving your country and your dogs.

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