Dr. Fauci is Back, Warns We May Have to Pivot Back to COVID Restrictions

#WhereIsFauci is no more.

On Thursday, the babbling tyrant returned from the sidelines to warn the world that we may have to pivot back to COVID restrictions sometime very soon.

Here's Fauci with CNN's Jake Tapper:

That's how you make a return off the bench. Fauci is just as insufferable now as he was before he faded into a basement earlier this year.

We learned a few weeks ago that Fauci vanished soon after a polling company warned Democrats that Americans were fed up with COVID hysteria and it might cost them the 2022 midterms. In other words, they benched Fauci because he was no longer useful. Cold world.

During his benching, his overlords relegated him to local television and YouTube shows with small followings. He even tried a comedy program. Spoiler: it wasn't funny.

So it's unclear why Fauci resurfaced today. Did he escape? Did CNN miss him? Did the Left need a distraction from the New York Times confirming the Hunter Biden laptop story? We can't say for certain.

Still, we won't officially declare Fauci back just yet. Perhaps this is just a one-off on a slow news day. Wishful thinking? Maybe.

For now, we wait for Fauci's official ruling on when to mask up again. He will let us know.

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