Don Lemon Very Mad About Joe Rogan's Take on 'Straight White Men’

The miserable are once again disgusted with Joe Rogan for saying the truth, which often gets people canceled and fired in 2021. Rogan said last week that if the country continues to give in to the woke mob, straight white men will no longer be allowed to speak. Among the angry is CNN's Don Lemon, who is desperately looking to fill content on his new show -- well, his old show with a new name.

“No matter what he has said, he has not been silenced. He has a huge megaphone with millions of loyal listeners, all of whom every single day say whatever they want,” Lemon says. “Joe Rogan is part of the conversation. There’s a lot I can go on about, especially about straight white men. You’re aggrieved now? OK. No one is stopping Joe Rogan or any other straight white man from expressing themselves, period.”

Lemon attempts to debunk Rogan's claim by pointing out that Rogan has a massive platform on which he can speak freely. This is a poor argument.

Lemon frequently speaks out against what he considers injustices toward black Americans, claiming that in America, black voices matter less. Of course, Lemon, a black man, has a primetime cable news show, makes millions of dollars a year, and has a platform to say what he wants. To those who point out such things, Lemon would probably counter that while he does have a platform, he's speaking up for other black people who do not. Fine, but that's what Rogan is doing too.

Rogan isn't saying he, himself, will lose his voice. He's saying the voices of straight white men who can be fired could soon be prohibited from the discussion.

In an article earlier this week, I discussed Rogan's point and how the woke losers movement never ends:

Rogan’s point is astute. The more demanders get their way, the further they will go. A reasonable demand then leads to an unreasonable demand, which then leads to an insane demand. Insane demands then become almost beyond satire, but those in command don’t find this funny — they call it progress.

People will be mad at Rogan for expressing sympathy for straight white men, a very despicable group, we are told. Good. Tell them to prove Rogan wrong.

Straight white men are the target because there’s no pushback when attacked. Criticisms are driven to avoid labels. To avoid being labeled “racist,” “sexist,” and “homophobic,” the perpetually outraged aim at straight white men. Nothing else. That’s the route, that’s the plan, that’s order.

Per the usual, Lemon picked a hot button topic yet failed to deliver a logical opinion.

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