Deion Sanders Lays Into Jackson State Staffers, Says They Lack Commitment

Jackson State football coach Deion Sanders isn't happy with what he's seeing out of the support staffers.

The support staff plays a huge role when it comes to having a successful sports program or any large organization. As Delta Force commandos talk about, they can't kill bad guys if the support staff isn't on top of their game.

The same applies, albeit on a much smaller scale, to sports, and Sanders just isn't seeing enough!

"I'm not seeing the commitment. I'm not seeing us taking care of the little things. I'm not seeing us be proactive thinking well before I think about something," Jackson told JSU staffers when dressing them down for not giving enough effort.

If you have a problem with the support staff, there's really no better way to handle it than the way Sanders did in the video above.

He wasn't screaming at anyone. He wasn't behaving like a guy who lost his temper. Sanders was simply making it clear things weren't good enough.

That's what leaders have to do from time to time. Believe it or not, you can tear into someone without losing your mind.

It's not as hard as it sounds! The best leaders know exactly how to do it.

Seeing as how the JSU Tigers are expected to have a monster year in the FCS, you need everyone giving their best. If not, the whole train could come off the tracks. It's really that simple.

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