DC Mayor Bower Caves, Reinstates Mask Rule 24 Hours After Dropping It

Hopefully, those vaccinated in D.C. didn't throw away their used masks over the weekend.

24 hours after D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser issued an order to drop mask requirements for people fully vaccinated against coronavirus, she changed her mind to once again demand that they remain masked up.

Late Friday, Bowser's order stated that fully vaccinated people in D.C. could gather inside without a mask. That made sense.

By Saturday night, Bowser amended the order to require that all customers wear masks inside, regardless of their vaccination status. That didn't make sense.

"Bowser’s new order also instructed businesses to post a sign on their doors stating that people could not enter unless they were fully vaccinated or wearing a mask, and allowed the businesses to ask people show their vaccine cards to prove their status," Mediaite summed.

Isn't that nice?

Like most in power, one idiotic decision is followed by another. Bowser is no different. Get this: her wedding order says wedding guests are NOT allowed to dance. No, really.


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