CNN Masturbator: Kyle Rittenhouse Lucky it Isn't 'Illegal to be an Idiot'

If you are getting updates on Kyle Rittenhouse's trial from CNN, you are familiar with Jeffrey Toobin, CNN's foremost legal analyst.

Toobin has covered the trial aggressively over the past few days on-air, for which CNN viewers are thankful because the following hard-hitting analysis is available not anywhere else.

On Wednesday, Toobin declared Kyle Rittenhouse lucky because, despite many wishes, it is not "illegal to be an idiot."

That is correct, although quite the statement coming from Toobin, the guy who masturbated on a Zoom call in front of his colleagues.

Here's the masturbator's full segment, should you need a laugh:

"What kind of idiot 17-year-old gets a giant gun and goes to a riot? He has no license, he has no training, he thinks he's going to scrub graffiti off with his AR-15? I mean, the stupidity of this. What could possibly go wrong? Well a lot went wrong," Toobin said.

"The good news for Kyle Rittenhouse is that he's not on trial for being an idiot, he's on trial for homicide."

Speaking of idiots, is Toobin dumber than even Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon? We know all three are equally creepy, of course...

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