Clay Travis, Will Cain Talk Woke Sports, NBA-China, Deshaun Watson

Will Cain, co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend and the upcoming Will Cain Podcast, made his weekly appearance on OutKick the Coverage with Clay Travis on Thursday.

Will and Clay talked about youth sports, whether they'd go to an MLB game this season, the NFL's forward-looking business model, the NBA's bad business with China, and the strategy of Deshaun Watson and his lawyer.

The two also talked about a new poll that found that Americans watch sports much less often than they used to because of all of the woke social messaging attached.

"This radical political view has been so instilled in sports that your NBA owner and even your local sports radio host act like they are making some obvious, benign statement, but they are not," Will says. "They are selling politics, in fact, radical politics."

"Americas have seen through it," Will goes on.

Watch the full interview here:

Listen to the podcast version of the interview below:

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