Clay Travis, Will Cain Talk About MLB's Expected Ratings Decline on 'Fox & Friends'

OutKick's Clay Travis appeared on Fox & Friends this morning with host Will Cain to continue their discussion on MLB's decision to move its All-Star Game out of Atlanta.

Will asked if Clay expects MLB's ratings to decline akin to how the NBA's plummeted this summer when the league embraced Joy Reid-level insanity.

"I don't think there's any doubt, Will," Clay responded. "Baseball took a major body blow with this decision. Rob Manfred's decision was the most disastrous decision any league commissioner has made in the 21st century."

Clay goes on, "Baylor-Gonzaga drew 17 million viewers last Monday, that's two schools without massive national followings. That's 10 million more than any NBA Finals game. People love basketball, they don't love woke basketball. Similarly, people love baseball, not woke baseball.

Watch Clay and Will's full segment here:

The point I want to add is that viewers of mainstream media and ESPN are being told a lie that MLB made the only decision it could have because Georgia's voting law is unbelievably racist, Jim Crow 2.0, or whatever phrase President Joe Biden used most recently. The media isn't even given viewers the chance to develop their own opinions. This follows step-by-step Will Cain's case on his new podcast -- which I've enjoyed -- that the media has moved from simply biased to outright propaganda. The sports media moved there months ago.

You can catch Clay and Will each week on Fox Sports Radio, here is their latest conversation.

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