Clay Travis: Why Do Companies Stand Up To Russia But Kneel To China?

If only March Madness brackets were this predictable.

On Wednesday's episode of OutKick the Show, Clay Travis spoke on the appalling lack of a double standard coming from woke companies that are unafraid to oppose Russia but remain seated against China's human rights violations.

"You can disagree, as I do, with Russia invading Ukraine, see EA Sports pulling Russian teams out of FIFA, and say it doesn't make a lot of sense," Clay admitted.


"This selective wokeness as it pertains to global issues really bothers me."

EA isn't the only company to join the bandwagon.

Apple and Disney both released statements to cut off Russia from their services while pocketing China's contributions as they turn a blind eye.

"How in the world is Apple standing up to Russia and not selling their phones there, while simultaneously making their phones in a genocidal country like China?" asked Clay.

The answer: "Because China is more powerful economically than Russia."

Clay adds: "Is Apple going to refuse to sell their gear in China if Taiwan is invaded? Is Disney going to refuse to have their movies released in China?" asked Clay, calling out how the fake outrage is entirely manufactured by the hierarchy of global power.

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