Clay Travis: CNN Applebee's Spot 'Greatest Commercial Break Ever'

Russia has launched a massive attack on Ukraine, but hey, how about a little fried chicken? Or maybe a couple of brewskis?

After all, nothing says a potential World War III quite like Applebee's.

As OutKick founder Clay Travis pointed out, CNN interrupted its coverage of Russia's invasion of Ukraine with an ad from Applebee's. The flailing network didn't break away from its coverage, mind you. It merely used a split screen. Applebee's received the larger of those two screens.

As you can see, the full-screen CNN headline first warned, "Air raid sirens ring out in Ukraine's capital." There was also a smaller graphic promoting Joe Biden's upcoming remarks.

But that big screen quickly became small, taking up only the lower left corner. It read, "CNN Live CNN coverage continues."

The main screen, though, quickly turned to Applebee's -- with video of chicken wings, beer, a cheeseburger and a rump-shakin', smiling cowboy.

These split-screen commercial breaks have been a regular and ridiculous occurrence at CNN, as relayed more extensively by OutKick's Joe Kinsey earlier.

Somewhere, Ted Turner is rolling over in his grave. Or craving a cheeseburger and a beer.