Brian Stelter Pushing For a Daytime Show on CNN, Was Floated for Primetime

More Brian Stelter may be on the way.

In case you didn't know, and you probably didn't, Stelter has hosted a daily CNN+ show for the past three weeks. And with the news that Warner Bros. Discover will cancel the service, The Wrap reports that Stelter is "actively seeking a chance to secure a daytime slot."

Would you watch Stelter at, say, 1 pm in the afternoon? How about 2 pm? Please, let us know.

And before you think this report is only citing Stelter's pipe dream of taking on The Young and the Restless head to head, know that CNN once pondered bigger ideas for Stelter.

"Stelter, who hosts Sunday’s media-centric 'Reliable Sources' was once floated as a contender for Cuomo’s old primetime spot," the outlet reports.

So CNN thought about moving Stelter to primetime. That ought to have Tucker Carlson, Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity shaking in their boots.

At this point, any hope that CNN might grow into a watchable network under Chris Licht is gone. The rumored plans are so bad that we had to keep checking to make sure the reports weren't coming from satire sites. They weren't.

Earlier Thursday, The Wrap, a Hollywood trade outlet, also reported that CNN met with the mentally unstable Keith Olbermann. CNN is considering hiring Olbermann, whom even MSNBC deemed irrational. Management has also pinned Chris Wallace as the frontrunner for the 9 pm hour, the one for which CNN considered Stelter. And on top of that, CNN might hire former NBC host Brian Williams, an actual fake news anchor.

To recap, discussions to make CNN better include promoting Stelter and surrounding him with three old, unpopular guys.

That's a stunning inability to read the room right now. Are we sure Jeff Zucker was the lowest CNN could go?

Just what America has been asking for: more Brian Stelter in a suit on television around lunchtime.

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