Bills' Cole Beasley Mocks Dr. Fauci, Says He Doesn't Wear a Mask Outside Unvaccinated

Dr. Fauci made the big announcement Thursday that he is now -- as of May 13, 2021 -- okay with vaccinated Americans taking off their masks while outside.

To some in this country, this is monumental news. One of their leaders has returned one of their freedoms (just a few truckloads to go). The other half of the country laughs at the babbling tyrant because they never wear masks outside anyway.

Bills WR Cole Beasley tweets that he is among the second group:

You don't see that often. An athlete with a spine, that is.

As expected, the sports media is very bothered with this unfortunate development.  Beasley, who hasn't been vaccinated, dares to say he goes outside maskless, despite the chance that someone with COVID could take his or her mask off and sneeze directly in Beasley's face.

Mike Tanier -- some random sports writer I've never heard of but who has blocked me on Twitter -- came at Beasley. He came, but he missed.

Beasley is going to become a target of the press now, which might actually come in handy since ESPN is already openly rooting against his QB, Josh Allen. Perhaps, Beasley is a fan of dogs and the American flag, too?

In one tweet, Beasley asked Fauci more useful questions than CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS have combined in the upward of 20 interviews they've conducted with the doc in the past month.

Beasley is about to get censored, isn't he?

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