Apple Employees Say Returning to Office is Racist and Sexist

Apple Inc. plans to ease workers back into the office by the end of May with a flexible three-day-a-week work schedule, the company announced last week. To that, Apple employees say racist and sexist and neuro-normative.Company employees have formed a workers' rights group named Apple Together to fight back against the shield. These workers mean business.Here's the group's response to having to work three days in an office, we highlighted the good parts:So a hybrid workplace, three days in the office while two days remote, is an example of white-man supremacy. That damn white male privilege strikes again.Say what you will about Apple products, but this is a company that needs new hiring practices immediately. Apple employees include failed sportscaster Katie Nolan, the now failing Jon Stewart, and all of these whiny schmucks who are using race to avoid having to take a shower before 3 pm.An elite group, no doubt.It's unfortunate that Apple Together didn't label the company's return to office plans as transphobic. That's always a good one. Try harder.

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