McMoron: Woman Arrested For Attacking Ohio McDonald’s Workers For Denying Her Slushie Request

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A wild scene broke out Monday morning at an Ohio McDonald’s where a woman attacked fast food workers because they wouldn’t make her a three-flavor slushie. Police arrested Cherysse Helena Cleveland on two counts of misdemeanor assault for her actions inside the store where she went after a manager and a worker before the worker fought back and delivered a six-piece to Cleveland’s head.

Brian Allen, who recorded the incident and didn’t intervene, says he heard the manager tell the woman that they couldn’t make her a triple-flavored slushie. “[Cleveland] became increasingly irritated and combative and decided that she would go behind the counter and fix her own drink,” Allen told WOIO.

Stick with the video as the woman heads to the drink machine. It’s going to be easy to bail, thinking the action is over. Needless to say, that’s when things really heat up. Cherysse decides to go make her own triple-flavored drink and things get really physical.

Listen to those punches from a McDonald’s worker at the 2:20 mark. BOMBS! I hate to get negative here, but I figure corporate will order that woman fired for McTwoPiecing that woman’s head because they have some clause deep inside its corporate handbook that prevents workers from fighting back. We’ll have to see how that side of things plays out over the coming days, but for the time being, watch the video:

Craziness is out in full force, just saw this at Ravenna McDonald’s

Posted by Brian Allen on Monday, June 14, 2021

Now, what if I told you that a Cherysse H. Cleveland was arrested back in 2014 for beating her own grandmother. Cleveland was sentenced to two years in prison for that incident. “Brimfield police said Cleveland threw her grandmother to the floor during an argument, punched her, threw a lamp at her, and also took away her cellphone when she tried to call 911,” the Kent (OH) Record-Courier reported in 2015.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Perhaps it’s just me but it would’ve been a lot cooler if all the McDonald’s employees would’ve stomped on this imbecile’s head until their feet got tired. I’m easily bored but I would’ve watch hours of that.

  2. I’m left with too many questions. Since when did McDonald’s start selling slushies? Is it company policy to not mix slushie flavors? Are McDonlad’s slushies so tasty to warrant this behavior? Why did the manager only get pissed off when the woman ripped off her mask?

  3. I feel like there should be a less extreme reaction to not being able to mix slushie flavors. Places like 7-11 and Circle K would let you mix flavors, but it was self serve. That’s all she was asking.
    But like Anton, I also have questions. Was the crack she had laced with something? Who is her crack supplier? Will she rat that person out for a lighter sentence?
    Many, if not all of the fast food establishments around here are STILL drive-thru only. I think it’s mostly a staffing issue at this point. But encounters like this could make drive-thru only permanent.

  4. I’m with Anton. SLUSHIES? Man, we barely get soda around here. People have lost all sense of decency, civility, and humanity. It is a sad day to go to jail for a slushie fail. But, that’s where we are now with a whole segment of the population. Kudos to Cheryesse for no resistance to the officer. Maybe some people could take notes on that. And if McDonald’s fires anyone in that store, they deserve to be sued.

    • The type of behavior really is dystopian. There was this naked tramp stomping around, smashing up a bar (throwing things, breaking glass etc) in Ocala Florida. Absolutely incredible.

      Maybe this has always been happening and the difference is now we have recording devices in our pockets ?

  5. The guy filming is exactly what’s wrong with our society today. Too many people are more concerned with getting Twitter and other social media followers instead of actually helping. Unfortunately the customer just fed the stereotype, so her actions didn’t surprise me at all. She got what she deserved. Maybe someone will start a GoFundMe if the McDonald’s worker gets fired. The Manager of the store also needs to press charges because she actually got hit in the face before her mask was ripped off.

  6. They say in a boxing match. Don’t bet on the white guy. In this match of “Shut your fat mouth bitch” the white chick showed some skill. TKO then off to jail. Who won? The white chick. Power to the People! America Matters.

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