McDonald’s Gets Fancy, Launches McBaguette In France For ‘Emily In Paris’ Promo

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Throw on your berets and striped shirts, kids: we’re headed to a French McDonalds’s, or should I say le McDonald’s.

No, we’re not ordering a Royale with cheese; we’re getting a round of McBaguettes.

McDonald’s is going to be launching a new sandwich that will make you feel like you’re taking a stroll along the Champs-Élysées and getting the stink-eye from a Parisian.

The iconic fast-food chain is partnering with Netflix to unveil a classy new sandwich designed to promote the third season of the popular series Emily In Paris.

Get it? Paris? Baguette? McBaguette?

Yeah. McDonald’s doesn’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to naming things, do they?

So, what is on a McBaguette? According to Brand Eating, “McDonald’s McBaguette offers two beef patties, lettuce, two slices of Emmental (Swiss) cheese, old-fashioned mustard sauce, and Dijon mustard served on a baguette.”

I’m not exactly looking at booking a flight to France to get me a McBaguette. However, if that thing came stateside, I would rearrange my schedule to give it a whirl. For me, it’s the two kinds of mustard. I’ve always limited my sandwiches to one mustard and now I feel like I’m a culinary caveman.

As it turns out, the McBaguette is old hat for French consumers. That’s because the sandwich has been around on a limited basis since 2012.

However, not everyone is as jazzed about the growing specter of the McBaguette. Proprietors of traditional French bakeries haven’t been too thrilled about it over the years. They argue that the Golden Arches could steal some of their business.

Well, They’ve got a point. I can’t imagine McDonald’s would be too pumped if some mom-and-pop boulangerie started selling “le McNuggets.”

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