McDonald’s Customer Orders ‘Air Burger’ Through DoorDash

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A McDonald’s customer wanted to know what would happen if he ordered a burger with nothing. Not nothing on it, nothing included at all. No meat, no bun – absolutely nothing. He was essentially placing an order through DoorDash for air.

The McDonald’s customer, Anthony Jojola, took to TikTok to share his order, which McDonald’s charged him $2.09 for. Add on the service fee, delivery fee, and taxes and his “air” order cost him more than $10.

McDonald's Customer Air Burger
McDonald’s customer pays more than $10 for air (Image Credit: Anthony Jojola)

The text on the short clip read, “Dear Lord, if they deliver air I’m going to lose my shit.” No word on whether or no he actually lost his shit, because believe it or not, they delivered the air.

In the clip, Anthony showed that the delivery driver had to wait for his order. He said in the text of that portion of the video, “McDonald’s doesn’t know what to do. I might have just caused world war 3.”

At the end of the video, he shows himself answering the door to receive the air burger that he paid more than $10 for. The caption of the video reveals that the DoorDash drivers had to make the trip in a winter storm.

He said in the caption, “Only now realizing we sent these girls through a winter storm for an air burger.”


Only now realising we sent these girls through a winter storm for an air burger#mcdonalds #airburgers

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McDonald’s Will Happily Take Your Money For An Air Burger

Was it worth it? Much like beauty being in the eye of the beholder, this can only be answered by the person who placed the air burger order.

If I had to take a guess, he would probably say that it was worth it. The video has received more than 250,000 views and going viral, even if it’s not millions upon millions of views is always worth it to the TikTok generation.

We can only hope that he tipped the deliver drivers very well for risking their lives for his nonsense. And that the McDonald’s employee who made the order farted in the bag. Who doesn’t love prank on prank crime?

Written by Sean Joseph

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