McDonald’s Customer Goes Off On Employees For Forgetting His Napkins

It’s been open season at fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s over the last few years and that isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Employees and customers have been mixing it up at what seems like an all-time rate.

Every time you turn around there’s something crazy going down. A McDonald’s customer who went off on employees and a manager because they forgot his napkins is the latest example.

The viral video has racked up more than 143,000 views on TikTok since it was posted a few months ago. The angry customer strolls into the store with a head full of steam.

Image Credit: TikTok

He immediately starts in on the employees as he approaches the counter, “You guys better get your head out of your ass. You gave us all of this food and everything and not one napkin.”

The man then asks for the person in charge, because obviously not having a napkin needs to be addressed by the manager of the store. He’s asked if he needs napkins to which he says “yes,” but still wants to know who is in charge.

Once he figured out who the manager was he calmed down. Just kidding, he went on to tell the manager how to do their job, because he’s owned a business for 27 years.

The McDonald’s Customer Wasn’t Wearing A Three-Piece Suit

All of that for some napkins? And there wasn’t one comment from the employees about the man’s outfit. That’s impressive.

If I’m getting yelled at by some slob about how to do my job because someone forgot to put napkins in his bag then you better believe I’m throwing some insults his way.

The shorts with the socks pulled up and boots look is fair game at that point.

Written by Sean Joseph

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