Paramount+ Announces ‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Renewal As Taylor Sheridan’s Winning Streak Continues

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“Mayor of Kingstown” with Jeremy Renner will return for a third season.

The hit Paramount+ show from Taylor Sheridan about a prison town in Michigan has been arguably the darkest and grittiest show on TV since its 2021 premiere.

There’s not a lot of smiles. In fact, there’s none. All viewers know is pain, death, carnage and an ominous feeling that infects everything.

“Mayor of Kingstown” will return for a third season. (Credit: Paramount+)

Given Jeremy Renner’s plowing accident, a lot of fans wondered if he’d return for a third season. The good news is the show will continue.

Paramount+ officially announced its renewal for a third season Wednesday morning. No official premiere date was announced, but it will likely be at some point in 2024.

“Mayor of Kingstown” will return for a third season.

Taylor Sheridan’s winning streak is absolutely unrivaled at this point. The man simply can’t lose, and it’s great to see.

He has this crazy strategy where he creates engaging and entertaining content focused on giving viewers an epic ride. He doesn’t lecture, speak down to or treat the audience like it’s composed of idiots.

It seems to be working well because all of his shows are monster hits. He just wrapped “Special Ops: Lioness” and now “Mayor of Kingstown” is officially renewed for a third season.

The hit show is unbelievably dark.

For those of you who haven’t seen “Mayor of Kingstown,” I can’t recommend it enough. The show is absolutely electric, and easily Sheridan’s darkest work.

It follows the McLusky family as they navigate the corruption and crime of Kingstown. There are some scenes that are so dark it’s hard to describe, but it’s unbelievably captivating.

The final moments of season one and season two were both every bit as chilling as they were epic. Definitely check it out on Paramount+ if you love Sheridan’s other work.

Now, we sit and wait to see what fans get in season three. As a major fan, I’m amped up and ready to roll.

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