Max Duggan Rocked A Tuxedo During TCU Basketball Game

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Max Duggan showed up in style to a recent TCU basketball game.

The former Horned Frogs star rolled into the TCU/Kansas basketball game Monday after winning the Davey O’Brien Award at a ceremony in Fort Worth, and he didn’t waste a single second to change.

The Heisman finalist and star college QB strolled in rocking a tuxedo. Yes, he wore a tuxedo to a college basketball game.

Max Duggan is that dude!

Honestly, you simply have to respect the hell out of this move. You don’t have any other choice. College sporting events are notorious places of debauchery.

Fans get loaded up on booze, cut loose and create as hostile an environment as possible. That’s what makes college sports so much fun.

No matter what anyone says, your standard NBA or NFL game simply doesn’t match its college counterpart. That’s why showing up in a tuxedo is so awesome.

Max Duggan showed up to the TCU/Kansas game wearing a tuxedo. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Alphas do alpha things. Max Duggan rocking a tuxedo is the definition of a power move. He absolutely could have changed into some TCU gear on the way over, and blended right in. But whoever made waves by blending in?

You make waves by doing your own thing. It really doesn’t get much splashier than rocking a tuxedo at a college sporting event.

Max Duggan was a star at TCU. (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

Props to Duggan for doing his thing and bringing a little style flare to the Big 12. You simply love to see it.

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