Steelers Maurkice Pouncey Wears Slain Police Officer Name on Helmet

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In the Steelers’ game against the Broncos, Maurkice Pouncey honored Eric Kelly on the back of his helmet. Kelly was one of the officers killed in the 2009 Stanton Heights shooting.

Last week, Pouncey took issue with the team’s support of Antwon Rose Jr.

After learning the man’s role in a drive-by shooting in Pittsburgh, Pouncey said he would no longer wear the name on his helmet.

It was reported earlier the Steelers did not have to wear Rose’s name this afternoon.

Props, again, to Pouncey. If the NFL and its players are going to honor victims, it must include our police officers.


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  1. As a life-long Steelers fan, this week has been rough. I’m glad to see Pouncey, Vince Williams and others not bend the knee to the mob. Hopefully Tomlin stops trying to make everyone on the roster be on the same page for this nonsense. It’s backfired on him twice now.

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