Mattress Mack Told Patrick Mahomes He Lost Millions Because Of Him

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A couple of heavy hitters ran into each other at the Kentucky Derby this year, as sports betting machine Mattress Mack pressed the flesh with Super Bowl champ Patrick Mahomes.

Mattress Mack — despite having the nickname “Mattress” — is known more for making gigantic sports bets than he is for selling mattresses.

Last year, Mack set a U.S. sports-betting record when he won $75 million betting on the Astros to win the World Series. But would he even be a real gambler if he wasn’t still hung up on some losses?

On Saturday, he had the chance to have a little fun with Patrick Mahomes, who cost him some money back in 2019.

According to Sports Illustrated, Mack bet against Mahomes’ Chiefs two weeks in a row. He bet on the Texans to beat the Chiefs in the AFC divisional round that year. Bad decision. The Chiefs came back from being down 24-0 to win 51–31.

So then who did Mack bet on the following week in the AFC Championship? The Tennesse Titans.

Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you.

Of course, this was early on in the Patrick Mahomes mythos, so that kind of oversight is forgivable… though not necessarily from a financial standpoint.

Mack had a quick word for Mahomes went they ran into each other on Saturday.

“You cost me millions betting against you,” Mattress Mack told the Chiefs QB.

“I appreciate it. Sorry about that one. You gotta be with me next time,” Mahomes responded with a laugh.

Yeah, I don’t think Makc makes that mistake anymore. He reportedly didn’t bet on this year’s Super Bowl.

Maybe he was feeling the Eagles but thought better of it.

If that’s the case then good call, Mack.

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