Matthew Stafford’s Wife Crushes The NFL Over False-Positive COVID Tests

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Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, wrote a blistering note on Instagram going after the NFL for “not holding themselves accountable” over what we now know were false-positive COVID tests that sent the Lions quarterback to the COVID-IR list. Kelly Stafford says her family was harassed by people who were under the impression Matthew was positive. The note puts all the blame for this situation on the NFL and how they release COVID results.

Kelly Stafford wrote on Instagram:

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. So Dr Chao, today you told me false negatives were a bigger issue than false positives. In the handling of the virus on a team and league level that may be true, but how about this as it relates to the population at large and the overall panic created by how all this is being handled?

  2. Glanville was right. The NFL = Not For Long, but in the way he intended. And people need to do their own homework on the virus and separate out the politically-fueled hysteria from the facts on the ground. Stop being the pawn and be the king, intellectually, and morally.

  3. While it’s likely that the NFLPA agreed that placing players on the COVID IR list would be made public (otherwise this would be a clear violation of HIPAA), perhaps doing so with a bit more caution (multiple positive tests) might be warranted.

  4. Beautiful family, well done Mrs. Stafford.

    The witch hunt of COVID19 is absurd, I DO blame the people who treated her like a leper. People are acting like your chances of dying from this virus are 50/50, not .005. It’s asinine how may idiots are overreacting.

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