Matt Rhule Appears To Take Shot At Deion Sanders

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Nebraska football coach Matt Rhule appeared to take a not-so-subtle jab at Deion Sanders and other coaches in love with the transfer portal.

Sanders has been the face of dominating and building through the transfer portal since taking over the Colorado Buffaloes.

The portal opened without restrictions this past Saturday, and Coach Prime was more than ready to, once again, exploit it. He did the same thing when he was hired by Colorado. Deion Sanders used it as a tool to immediately upgrade the roster. While Deion certainly isn’t the only coach to hammer the portal, he’s definitely become arguably the most visible face for the movement.

Well, Matt Rhule has a very different outlook on the transfer portal and loading up a roster with brand new players.

He’s not for it.

Nebraska hired Matt Rhule after several terrible seasons. (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)

Matt Rhule appears to call out Deion Sanders and others.

“I hear other schools (say) they can’t wait for today, the transfer portal, they can’t wait to go out … I can’t wait to coach my guys, let me tell you that. I’m not here … I’m not thinking about anybody else but this team out here,” Rhule told the media over the weekend, according to 247Sports.

Without mentioning Sanders’ name, it certainly appears to be a direct shot at the Colorado coach. At a bare minimum, it’s a shot at any coach who is running to the portal for new players.

Deion Sanders is a big fan of the transfer portal. (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

On the other side of the coin, it’s a bit strange Rhule would be out here throwing shade before even coaching a single game for the Cornhuskers. The excitement in Lincoln is real. For the first time in years, fans are actually excited about the state and direction of the program.

However, nothing has actually happened on the field yet. Matt Rhule is making big changes in practices, but until the team starts notching some wins, none of it matters.

Is a Matt Rhule vs. Deion Sanders rivalry brewing? Likely not, but this random jab is the kind of offseason content fans live for. If Nebraska starts rolling, then the content is really going to be a ton of fun because Rhule definitely has the goods to generate headlines.

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