Nebraska Coach Matt Rhule Sends Cryptic Tweet For National Signing Day

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Matt Rhule seemed to want to send a subtle message before National Signing Day.

The Nebraska coach is attempting to put together his very first class in Lincoln, and as of Wednesday morning with signing day underway, the Cornhuskers have failed to crack the top 40.

However, that’s not what some people are paying attention to. Shortly before midnight EST, Rhule tweeted a series of six emojis. A duck, a pair of hands up in praise, a money bag twice and a ghost twice.

What does it mean? Nobody knows for sure but it’s been going viral ever since he hit the send button.

What is Matt Rhule getting at?

National Signing Day is always a crazy day in the college football world, and this is an unexpected addition to the chaos.

Literally nobody seems to have a single idea what the hell Rhule is saying. Lots of theories are flying around that he’s taking shots at Oregon and Miami.

There’s no proof of that, but it does seem reasonable. Let’s break it down. The duck emoji definitely can be tied to Oregon, the hands emoji just looks like the “U” hand signal fans love to throw up, and both programs are very NIL rich teams.

Matt Rhule sends cryptic tweet ahead of National Signing Day. (Credit: Nebraska Football)

I think it’s more than fair to think a rational person could take all that away. However, what the hell do the ghost emojis mean?

Your guess is as good as mine, but some speculation, including from inside here at OutKick, might suggest it means recruits are ghosting him. There’s no proof of that, but again, let’s be rational.

If Matt Rhule is trying to imply something about money changing hands, it’s a weak look? NIL is legal. Guys can get paid. It’s the nature of the beast. If Oregon and Miami can offer more cash, get on the phone, call your boosters and get more cash. The Cornhuskers are a very wealthy program. Do something about it instead of firing up your Twitter fingers.

Matt Rhule sends tweet featuring several mysterious emojis ahead of National Signing Day. (Credit: Nebraska Football)

Again, nobody has a clear answer and it might take some pieces falling throughout the day to figure it out. Welcome to NSD chaos.

Written by David Hookstead

David is a college football fanatic who foolishly convinces himself every season the Wisconsin Badgers will finally win a national title. Has been pretending to be a cowboy ever since the first episode of Yellowstone aired.


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  1. I would guess that it’s directed at a couple of anonymous players saying that Oregon and Miami offered more $$$ and the recruits ghosted him.

    It might also be directed not at a specific player, but designed to look like it to spur his own boosters to up the NIL $$$.

    For recruits or those in the transfer portal, I’m fine with it. For players not in the portal, being chased by coaches at major schools who can offer a ton more $$$, that needs to be banned, especially for ex-coaches fired from a school trying to poach players from said school. But that would require the NCAA to have balls, which they absolutely do not. The NCAA should just “self-identify” as “gender fluid”.

    This is absolutely happening and we all know it. Glad my son is being recruited for lacrosse. Straight forward and the important outcomes are little to no debt and a valuable degree (i.e. not some liberal arts useless degree)

  2. Could be him saying that people are taking money that is foolishly given to players before they even sign and then the players ghost said people and programs (Ruiz, the lawyer who’s trying to buy the Hurrycane’s roster these days, I think had this happen with some recruits and got burned by Rashada who flipped to UF). Maybe Nebraska will bring in a decent haul.

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