Matt LaFleur Answers For His 4th Down Decision

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Packers head coach Matt LaFleur is being absolutely destroyed for his decision not to go for it on 4th and goal from the 8 with 2:09 left in the NFC Championship against Tom Brady. LaFleur decided to send out his field goal team to make it 31-26 and use his three timeouts in hopes of getting the ball back from Brady.

It never happened. The Buccaneers are now headed home to play in the Super Bowl, and LaFleur is left to answer for his decision, a decision that will haunt Packers fans for a long, long time.

“Kind of at a loss for words right now. It’s just hard to have a lot to say about something you were not prepared for. I had a lot of confidence with everything going into this game. I hurt for everyone involved,” LaFleur told reporters after the game.

“We essentially had 4 timeouts with the two-minute warning. We knew we needed to get a stop. I thought we were going to have a stop there at the end. We got called for the PI and it didn’t work out. Anytime something doesn’t work out, do you regret it? Sure.”

LaFleur said, “I feel for him,” when talking about Aaron Rodgers missing an opportunity to play in Super Bowl LV.

Rodgers ended his press conference by telling reporters: “This one definitely stings and is going to for a long time. I’ll always be thankful for this season.”


Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Media and Troy Aikman is making a bigger deal of this than it is…Packers had 4th and 8, and struggled in the redzone all day especially with Aaron Jones hurt. LaFluer took the 3 pts, and had the 2 min warning + 3 timeouts to get the ball back for a chance to WIN (not tie). I don’t mind his decision at all…but really didn’t like the PI call that prevented the Packers from getting the ball back, NFL refs are continually the worst.

  2. Rodgers will be back- no doubt. Packers defense had three turnovers in the second half and only got 6 points. Rodgers and Lefluer equally deserve blame for not winning the game in the second half. Time is running out on Rodger’s career. I think 2021 and that’s it for Rodgers.

  3. One little issue…he kicked off short. He was going to allow the Bucs field the ball and run it down to the 2 minute warning. For some reason, the returner opted to get down as quickly as he could, but Matt L. could not have thought that.
    One good thing though…at least instead of drafting Chase Claypool, they drafted a below average back-up QB

    • Exactly, is anyone coaching the return man on Tampa’s sideliine? He should have been told to make sure to extend the play to get to 2:00. Also coming out of the 2 minute warning GB committed an offsides penalty on the 2nd & 1 to save a timeout and Tampa was foolish enough to accept the penalty. They should have declined and run a play on 2nd & 1 and most likely GB would have had to use a timeout before their 1st down play.

      • it was a coming off a clock stop and they can keep committing a pre snap penalty, TB accepted it to keep the game moving forward. if they decline, another penalty and no time off clock. Green Bay has the upper hand to dictate the scenario.

  4. Well, if the Pack’s D, which did shut down Tampa much of the 2nd half including 3 picks on Brady, couldn’t stop them, then LaFluer’s decision didn’t matter at all. Even if the Pack somehow get a TD on 4th and 8 AND the 2 pt conversion, then Tampa would have just driven down for a game winning FG. This game was lost at the end of the first half and start of the 2nd half – 14 point swing, but all the lame media want to talk about is 4th and 8 to manufacture controversy.

  5. …also, at one point Rodgers was considered a below-average back-up QB. Nobody knows how good or bad Jordan Love will be, heck, we haven’t even seen him play yet, so just stop it already. Claypool’s season ended last week, so it’s not like drafting a WR guarantees wins in the playoffs. If that was the case, then the 2000’s Lions would have made the Super Bowl.

  6. As a die hard Packer fan the call that hurt us the worst was right before half playing press coverage on a 4.3 forty guy. Makes no sense. The second bad call was not kicking it in the endzone after the FG at the end if the game. Both calls make no sense. Packers have a young coach and it was apparent in the big game he still has some things to learn. That being said going to NFC championship game in your first two years is no small feat.

  7. “Not prepared for?” I would think as a 5 Million head coach you would have a better response than we were not prepared for it.

    Packers lost to the better, more complete team.

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