Rep. Matt Gaetz Could Retire Early for Newsmax Job

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Lightning rod Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) has privately told confidants he’s seriously considering not seeking re-election and possibly leaving Congress early for a job at Newsmax, Axios reported on Tuesday.

When reached by email regarding the report, Newsmax told OutKick the network “does not comment on possible talent discussions or plans the network may have underway.”

It’s not clear if Gaetz and Newsmax have discussed an exact role, but the report adds that the two sides have had early conversations.

Newsmax could quickly insert Gaetz into a contributor role, with appearances across all of the network’s programs. Or Newsmax could use Gaetz prominently, building a show around him. Newsmax needs to fill out a full lineup and may view Gaetz as a possible future weekday TV host.

Newsmax’s lineup is flexible. Its top show, Greg Kelly Reports, airs at 7 pm ET, outside of traditional 8-11 pm primetime hours.

Gaetz has frequently appeared on Fox News’ Hannity, growing his presence as a TV personality. With Tuesday’s report, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Fox News, OANN, or other conservative media outlets also engage in a conversation with Gaetz about his post-political career.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, 38, has grown in popularity ever since he began fiercely and consistently defending former president Donald Trump, who has promoted and appeared on Newsmax.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Unless Gaetz thinks Republicans will never take back the House or he’ll never be in a leadership position due to the RINO’s, he can do a lot more for our country in congress than he can just talking about it with no power to do anything.

    • No I’m thinking more Rand Pauls and Thomas Massies. Gaetz is a clown and there are many more in the GOP like him. Just having an R next to your name doesn’t automatically make you a good politician.

  2. The modern electronic culture influences everything from national policy to personal life decisions.
    Cameras and microphones are a shallow politicians addictions. It’s those who do the work without chasing notoriety who actually deserve voters support. Sadly, modern electronic culture applauds the publicly vocal over the behind the scenes competent and committed.

  3. Bob always appreciate your moderate mid Atlantic take, but I think you’re underestimating Gaetz’s star power, however it was earned, and charisma, which is unearned but undeniable and useful to whatever movement he backs.

    • I appreciate your viewpoints as well, Nita. I don’t underestimate his star power at all. He has used his entire stint in Congress to build his media profile by constantly being on Fox News and will be successful in conservative media (unless all of these creepy allegations are true then his career is over).

      Whatever his role in media will be it won’t be useful to advance any movement other than the upward movement in his bank account. He’ll be producing red meat for the consumption of the current conservative media viewer. In other words, preaching to the choir.

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