Former NBA Player Matt Barnes Gets In Heated Altercation With Fiance’s Ex-Husband, Spits In His Face

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Former NBA player and certified hot-head Matt Barnes always seems to find trouble. But over the weekend, trouble found him.

In exclusive footage obtained by TMZ Sports, Barnes had a chippy encounter with his fiancé’s ex-husband and spat in the man’s face while the two men were outside Levi’s Stadium Sunday afternoon ahead of the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys‘ postseason matchup.

Barnes and Anansa Sims got engaged on Dec. 26, 2022.

Matt Barnes Claims Innocence in Spat

According to the outlet, the two men got in a “wrestling match” after Barnes spit in ex-hubby David Patterson, Jr.’s face.

Barnes’ testimony of the encounter claims that Patterson, Jr. was “hunting” the ex-Warriors player down and actively instigating a conflict outside Levi’s. He claimed to have played the pacifist role until Patterson, Jr. “shoved” him, causing Barnes to lose his cool and get held back before spitting in the man’s face.

“I did not want the altercation to physically escalate further, and out of frustration with him seeking me out and his unrelenting repeated harassment, I spit in his direction in disgust,” Barnes said regarding the altercation.

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On Tuesday, Barnes filed a temporary restraining order against Patterson Jr., citing a history of “threats” made by the ex-husband, including an instance from 2022 where the scorned ex-husband threatened to shoot Barnes with a gun.

Barnes has been a vengeful ex-lover in his own right. He once drove approximately 95 miles to the home of ex-Lakers teammate Derek Fisher after discovering D-Fish had been spending time with Barnes’ wife at the time, Gloria Govan.

In 2010, Barnes was arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence with Govan, his fiancé at the time.

Barnes and Govan were married from 2011 to 2013. She later went on to marry Fisher in 2021.

In 2012, Barnes was arrested for “allegedly threatening a California cop who recognized him for an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license,” according to the New York Post.

Barnes is always ready for the smoke.

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