Married NYC Hedge Fund Manager Sues His Therapist Claiming She Seduced Him While Charging $250,000 In ‘Mistress Money’

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A married New York City hedge fund manager has filed a lawsuit against his therapist. He claims that she seduced him and charged $250,000 in “mistress money” during their 10 year affair.

Michael Pollack, 46, says in the suit, filed this week with the Manhattan Supreme Court, that his therapist Heidi Kling, 58, “fostered” his emotional dependence on, and “idolization” of her with constant emails.

Married NYC Hedge Fund Manager Sues His Therapist
Hedge fund manager sues therapist over alleged affair (Image Credit: NY Post)

Within six months Pollack had an erotic interest in his therapist. Within a few years he was sleeping with her on a regular basis and shelling out a ton of cash. Now he’s having some buyer’s remorse and wants to recoup some of the lost money.

During the three years prior to sleeping with Kling, Pollack says he spent roughly $50,000 on the regular therapy sessions. These sessions appear to have laid the groundwork for the affair. Pollack alleges that his wife was labeled difficult to love, extremely rigid, and highly controlling by Kling.

According to the lawsuit, the therapy sessions turned physical during a 2011 appointment. Pollack says that the intimate encounter was initiated by Kling. From there the two had sex during every session, a clear violation of any code of ethics.

The hedge fund manager said, “The sexual contact escalated, and continued in every, single session thereafter.”

Shortly after the affair began, Pollack started making the “mistress money” payments, which reached thousands of dollars per week at one point while the therapist’s husband was out of work.

This Is Made For TV Level Of Drama

Crazy, right? Unless this guy confessed to murdering someone or some other awful crime, why was he handing over so much money? It makes almost zero sense.

Somehow there’s more to the story. This irresistible therapist has a mentor. A mentor who Pollack was seeking therapy from. The mentor knew about the decade long affair and encouraged it, according to Pollack anyway.

He says Kling’s mentor Joseph Newirth, 79, became upset when he eventually broke things off with Kling. Newirth allegedly shouted, “You were a f–king robot before you met her. She opened you up, gave you life.”

Long story, short – Pollack is suing the two therapists for unspecified damages. Needless to say, he’s struggling with the entire ordeal.

Therapy might normally be sought out in such a situation. I’m no doctor, but a self help book or something along those lines might be more this guy’s speed.

Written by Sean Joseph

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