Married Dad Asks Potential Nanny For Oral Sex During Interview

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A married dad made finding a nanny to watch his toddler a lot more difficult. He did so by including a question during the interview process that you won’t find asked during most normal interviews.

This interview, according to a potential nanny, was anything but normal. And her friend took to a Facebook group for parents and nannies to warn others. The friend’s message reads, “Please avoid this man at all costs or anyone who seems like they might want to take advantage of you.”

Nanny Oral Sex
Facebook group warning (Image Credit: Facebook via New York Post)

The 27-year-old nanny from Thailand, identified only as Dawan, claims she was alone with 43-year-old Jason Kuperman in his New York apartment earlier this month for an interview. She was interested in the $20 an hour job to watch his 1-year-old daughter.

That was until, Kuperman allegedly asked the woman about oral sex. While showing the bathroom in his one bedroom apartment, he commented that a cushion found there would be good for oral sex. Dawan then says he asked her, “Do I like blow job? Have I ever done that or not?”

She says she ignored the awkward questions until he asked again. Dawan says he later asked her “You don’t do the blow job?” before asking her will she do it or not.

The follow up questions about oral sex were not ignored. She says that she told Kuperman no that she does not perform oral sex, “I said ‘No, I don’t do it.'”

Before leaving the interview, Dawan started to record Kuperman with her phone. In the alleged recording, which she provided to the NY Post, she confronted him about his line of questioning.

dad asks nanny for oral sex
Facebook group warning (Image Credit: Facebook via New York Post)

Put This One Down As A Question You Don’t Ask The Nanny

He allegedly responded, “It’s like cleaning closet, doing laundry … You don’t have to. I was just [asking] a question. You don’t have to.”

It turns out, according to the comments on the friend’s Facebook post, that this was just the top of the iceberg. Others came forward with other claims of inappropriate behavior.

One was a former nanny, who says she worked for the family over the summer. She claims that Kuperman grabbed her butt in front of his wife. She said, “On my last day, the dad grabbed my ass in front of the mom. That was my final straw.”

The NY Post reached out to Kuperman for comment. He denied any wrongdoing and released a statement about the claims.

Here’s part of what he had to say, “I feel terrible if I unintentionally made anyone feel uncomfortable by a misunderstood comment or bad attempt at humor. And as a father to a daughter myself I fully support equality and our shared social responsibilities.”

Here I thought I had been in some bizarre job interviews. Nothing even compares to this one. It’s obvious if he wasn’t joking what the issues with that are, but even if he was. You don’t meet someone for the first time and start dropping oral sex jokes. Especially not while interviewing the person for a job.

Written by Sean Joseph

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