Marlins Pitcher Robbed As All-Star Game Starter: Tomi Lahren is Fearless

Was Marlins pitcher Sandy Alcántara robbed as an All-Star Game starting pitcher?

JP Arencibia thinks so!

Tomi and JP discuss on Tomi Lahren is Fearless:

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  1. Bullshit. Kershaw did not get one start at the All Star game despite being the best pitcher in baseball every year from 2011-2015. At least one of those was because the hometown guy got the nod. It’s an exhibition, that’s why the then young upstart Kershaw never started. Nobody knows who Alcantra is or that Miami has a baseball team, not even in Miami. The game is in LA, Kershaw is having another incredible year, pitched 7 perfect innings in his last start. Easy decision.

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