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I think it’s time to confirm that I’ll be going to Cleveland for the NFL Draft

Guys, it’s time. I’ve made the decision that I’ll be driving out to Cleveland in 13 days to cover the NFL Draft festivities and all the craziness surrounding what is considered a holiday in that city. The Browns are no longer terrible, so some of the draft pressure weight is off the shoulders of the city, but this is still one of those moments Clevelanders have been waiting for their entire lives.

Am I confident Cleveland will bring the content? I’ve never been so sure of it. I’ve been in that city for the Cavs parade, Ohio State football, Browns tailgating during the Manziel era, World Series Game 7 and there’s not a time when Cleveland doesn’t bring the content. I can’t stand Cleveland sports, but the content is tremendous. The fans, no matter how big of whiners they are, rarely fail to produce.

Add in NFL fans from all over the country who’ll be flying in and this is like the rebirth of the NFL after COVID. I want to see superfans busting out all those costumes they’ve been working on for the last year. Simply put, I want to see people being human again.

• Switching gears, I saw the news this week that Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City will be torn down. The iconic dump, opened in 1919, across from Madison Square Garden is easily a top-three worst hotel I’ve ever had the displeasure of sleeping in for a few nights because my previous employer decided that’s where I was going to stay on a work trip. When I say the shower produced a trickle of cold water, it’s no understatement. I literally stood under a trickle of water shivering and hoping I wouldn’t be murdered in the middle of the night. Those of you who’ve stayed there know what I’m saying.

• My top three worst hotels I’ve ever stayed in: Hotel Pennsylvania. An absolute dump in Tallahassee for an FSU game. The motel was a drug and hooker den Monday-Thursday before the college football fans rolled in. And a Motel 6 in Minneapolis by the Mall of America because it was the cheapest and closest hotel to the Super Bowl Radio Row festivities. The place has since been torn down. I don’t want to know how many people were murdered in that hotel over the years.

• Are you guys loaded up on DOGE? Robinhood is back up and running after insane crypto purchasing.

• The future of General Motors is in electric cars and Tennessee will announce today, along with the car company, that the state will be getting a battery factory. It’ll be a $2.3 billion battery plant. There’s no word on how many jobs a $2.3 billion plant will employee.

• Have a great weekend. Let’s get after those weekend projects that you had lined up.

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  1. Great Screencaps. For anyone that calls Tom Brady lucky or a system QB, go back and look at his games at Michigan. He was doing his thing before he ever got under Bill Belichick. And he was being disrespected every week by head coach Lloyd Carr while doing it.

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